Bargain Offered

Author Jenna Eatough's Flash Fiction Story from writing prompt: He caused the entire plane anxiety

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Darkel strode down Gerdinthrall’s corridor ignoring the leers cast at him through each cell door’s narrow, slotted opening. Paying them heed did him no good. Darkel had caused the entire plane anxiety. They were annoyances.

Even with hands and feet bound in magic nullifying chains, the guards escorting him trembled if he tottered toward them. The burning shock of sizzle sticks had confirmed as much. The guards feared him.

These peons would learn their place soon.

Darkel, Lord of the Frost, would dwell within the prison walls chilling all about him until he gained the power to roll forth a cold wave.

Dranalin would not stop him again.

Darkel jerked to a halt as a man paused before him unmoving. Man proved a generous descriptor. The creature crouched too lean, too long limbed, and twisted its head unnaturally toward him.

“My master bids you greetings,” it said shrilly.

“Your mast–” Darkel broke off as fire gleamed in the creature’s eyes. He ground his teeth. “Mirsten,” he growled. “What does he want.”

“An alliance. One you will find beneficial.” Snapping its fingers, fire spread through the chains melting them from Darkel.

Growling, he stepped away encasing himself in ice. “Doubtful.”

The creature peered behind him to the guards waiting silently. “Perhaps you’ll rethink this choice. Confinement can be… a burning experience.” The creature vanished before Darkel reached to grab the creature, but it vanished leaving smoke. The guard encircled him again.

Perhaps he would rethink the infuriating, but intriguing offer.

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