Always Win

He could do nothing to escape me

“Your player is running.”

I paused the tips of two fingers resting on top of a cold piece. I hadn’t moved it yet. Raising an eyebrow, I grinned lazily. Davon leaned back in his chair, far enough I could picture the front legs raising from the ground as he strained to look out the window.

“Trying to distract me?” I slide the piece across the border.

The chair thudded against the floor as he glowered at my move. Snorting he curled forward plopping his elbow on the table. “Not at all.” Selecting a piece, he slid it to counter my move. “Trying to keep the larger game interesting.”

I raised a hand waving a lazy dismissal. “He can do nothing to escape me.” I plucked another piece, sliding it next to his crown. Davon sat back huffing out a slow breath. “And I don’t lose.”

Davon stood, bowing over the board. I remained in my seat as he walked away. Touching the pouch at my waist, I stroked the jewel within. “I don’t lose,” I repeated.

No, my player’s return was assured. He would fight for me and I would win. I would win my freedom at the cost of his.

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