It became normal

Metal scrapped across wood as a tankard slide over the bar to Dekal. He guzzled the liquid, ignoring the smell and slammed it back against the table. “Another,” he rumbled with a crook of his finger. He slumped over the bar to wait, resting his head on his arm. He allowed his mind to go numb.

To forget.

Everyone did.

“Not going to the Burning?” The voice was soft, sweet.

Dekal opened his eyes pushing himself up from the table. He shrugged. “Seen one Burning you’ve seen them all.” He’d no desire to see the smoke. It’d became normal, but he saw what they forgot. Where was that drink?

“Dekal, your time to choose has arrive.” A soft voice said in his ear.

Dekal turned, scowling. A woman stood close behind him. Close enough the silver chain she wore was visible. Unmistakable. He stood, knocking the stool over. One of Vireeth’s? His hand went for his sword.

Her hand covered his lightly. “Reporting me as a heretic is one choice.” Withdrawing her hand rested on his shoulder briefly before she turned away.

He slammed his fist against the bar. “What’s my other choice,” he demanded.

The woman looked over her shoulder and smiled. She turned away without a word.

Metal scrapped over the bar. Dekal put his hand out reflexively stopping the tankard. Turning he saw Borden watching him. He glanced at the drink before shoving it away. He was done forgetting.

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