Already There

We would have followed him into hell

Water dripped in a chaotic rhythm as the darkness smothered Lara, the dampness seeping into everything and chilling the manacles binding her wrists. How long had it been? Hours? Days? Minutes?

Whatever the answer, Lara knew it didn’t matter.

Instead she leaned forward, pulling her arms taunt as she strained to listen, to catch the barest whisper of anything beyond the echoing water. Anything didn’t come.

What had Croloth done with the others?

With Rynnon.

Sound beat into her ears, the tromp of boots traversing the corridor. Light pooled around the edges of the door before exploding into brilliance as the door was thrown open.

She twisted, hunching her shoulder to hide from the abrupt light. Peering through watering eyes, she watched as Croloth shut the door behind himself.

She straightened wishing to rise from her knees, but the chains restrained her. Lara settled on raising her chin Instead, offering Croloth a mirthless grin in greeting.

Croloth straddled a stone before Lara, pulling his gloves off a finger at a time. “Where is Rynnon,” he said with the same determined abruptness.

Lara blinked. Croloth didn’t know. He wasn’t here! Heart surging she spat at him.

He lashed forward, his glove stinging as it struck her cheek. “Think of where such actions will lead you. Is he worth following?”

“We would have followed him into hell.” She stiffened wondering again where the others were.

Croloth leaned back laughing. “Look around, girl.” He gestured flippantly at her cell. “You’re already here.”

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