Wish Unexpected

The wish interfered

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Belladonna tapped her finger on the stone wall watching her newest assignment sit in the grass a garden away. Seeing her through the wild plants was challenging. Hearing her, however, was simple. She was a fairy godmother, after all. Being able to hear her charges was part of the job.

Believing what she heard was impossible. Belladonna wrinkled her nose in disbelief. How could she have made that wish. She’d spent days planning the girl’s future, but that wish, the accursed wish interfered.

Belladonna huffed. All the energy spent envisioning the perfect dress and jewels to turn the princes head did not just happen. She’d been so certain what the wish would be when she’d heard everyone buzzing about the ball. A masquerade ball at that!

Well, perhaps she could nudge the girl to attend yet. Princes powers were vast. He might be a step toward her wish. But no, the dress Belladonna planned wouldn’t do. That was for seeking romance. Not for seeking… military training. Oh, she would be a handful.

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