Night Tales

which made things a lot more complicated
Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

“Athard! Athard!” The earsplitting chant was screeched by being of pure energy. Finay scowled at the twins unruly bouncing which caused the bed’s frame to groan. Finay snatched Piersym mid jump and pulled her close tickling the child. Mathis, flung himself on Finay’s other arm in protest.

Piersym’s pulled the boy tight as well. “All right, settle.” She laughed as she wrangled the small children against her. “Settle or I shan’t finish the tell.”

Final squeaks erupted before the pair snuggled against her. Bending over, Finay kissed Piersym’s head. “Story.” Her words were more breath than voice, and her eyes wide. Not that Finay denied them this tale. They needed to know.

Leaning back, she drew the twins with her, settling against the pillows. “Where was I?”

“In the cave!” Mathis chimed in his eyes widening. “Athard has passed the tests.”

“And proven himself.” Piersym peeped.

The two urged each other on, building the quest’s scene piece by piece. She let their words run until Mathis squirmed restlessly as he related entering the secret chamber. “Enough,” she hushed them, glancing between the pair. They fell into quieting giggles.

“Mathis reached the hidden chamber, not knowing what lay in wait. Or more exactly banishment.” She brushed unruly hair back from Piersym’s face. “For there was the wizard of Inhyrst, which made things a lot more complicated.”

Finay pulled the twins tight, glancing toward the window. The full moon was coming. The reprieve would soon end before and the complications would return.

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