To Play

Behaving childishly was an art form

Another Wednesday, another flash fiction. Enjoy the story!

“Ela?” The voice broke, raising an octave. He was close enough she could’ve touched him. Instead she watched his youthful stance still untainted by manhood. Spirit and fire. Play clashing against adulthood. She could lead him.

“Larand.” She jumped from the shadows hugging him enthusiastically. He tilted forward unsteadily catching his balance before they fell.

“Ela,” his guard dropped at the sight of her. Good. She smiled at the name other than her own.

Pulling back, she asked, “Did you get it?”

He held lifted a chain, a key dangling from the end. She bit her lip smiling at him and pulled the chain free, twisting she rushed away looking over her shoulder to invite him to chase her.

Chase her he did.

The sun dipped low before they stopped. Him breathing hard. Her mimicking. As she glanced away, he grabbed her hand and pressed it with a kiss. She smiled before stepping away, dipping her head to feigned timidity as she fled to the shadows.

Boots scuffed in the darkness. “How sweet,” a voice sneered. “Whiling the day away in games. Childish.” Caduk, Circle Lord, emerged from the darkness.

“A useful art form.” She held the key out and he snatched it away.

“He told no one?” Caduk asked.

“No one, Master,” she said. “The thought wouldn’t have occurred to him.”

“Good.” He moved away and Gaodan took his place.

Gaodan looked at her searching her face. “You’re well, Red?”

“Never better.” She looked at her friend and smiled.

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