Another Wednesday, another flash fiction. Enjoy the story!

Terry blinked as the screen came back into focus, the clacking of keys rang around him, furious in pace as his lives depended on getting a few more words out. Which considering placement depended on the scores…He glanced at the timer jerking backward at the swiftly diminishing numbers.

Twelve minutes? His head jerked up as he sought the clock on the wall. Twelve minutes. He shifted in his chair glancing to his screen again. No questions answered. His hands raced to the keyboard as he desperately started trying to answer questions again. Curse Aoi.

The letters danced in his sight again, stretching and fluxing with color. He could almost see the scene, her lab. “No,” he growled. “Not now.”

“Not now?” Aoi frowned at him. “But I forgot to tell you.”

“I’m testing can’t you see that?”

“Not really.” Aoi’s voice and another blurred together. He looked away from the screen still seeing her lab and the proctor. “It doesn’t seem like you’ve answered anything.” His voice jumbled with her “You have to come before it devours everything.” Leaving a riot of misunderstanding in his head.

Terry looked up at the scowling man as Aoi frowned at something beyond him. What had she said? What had he? Her dream snapped away and Terry retched at the suddenness. The man jumped back.

Great. So much for his test. Testing in peace was hoping for too much. “I need to see the nurse,” he groaned.

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