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We’re going on an adventure!

Well, more accurately we’re going on fifteen adventures all beautifully illustrated and accessible from the comfort of your chair or wherever you prefer to read. The Writers and Illustrators of the Future’s (WIotF) next volume releases shortly and join the years of new writers and illustrators from the previous volumes. I had a chance to preview the book ahead of time. There is absolutely adventure there.

A collection of Writer and Illustrators of the Future volumesFortunately, the wait isn’t much longer until you can see the tales yourself and get a first look at the latest cadre of authors. Today, I want to take a look at the four stories that placed first throughout the previous contest year and a glimpse at the amazing artists the book will feature.

First up, the art is the book is gorgeous with a range of emotions and styles conveyed. No, I can’t give you a glimpse of the art in the book, but you can check out winning illustrations and meet the artists by watching a recent event WIotF where they showcased these illustrations. An event that excited me because seeing what these artists won with is a glimpse you cannot get from the book. Check out the event’s recording here.

“Moonlight and Funk” by Marianne Xenos was the first-place story for the 4th quarter. This fantasy story has enjoyable, imperfect characters and familiar scenery with a touch of magic. And dragons. I do love dragons.

“White Elephant” by David Henrickson takes us into space in this 3rd quarter, first-place story. Into space, but not far-flung space. This story explores the more immediate future, our solar system, and the effects of surprise visitors.

In the 2nd quarter “Kitsune” by Devon Bohm took the first-place award with a tale involving great introspection. The lives of the characters and the strange occurrences happening in the southwest interweave with great magic.

“The Last History” by Samuel Parr was the first-place entry in the 1st quarter. This fantasy story walks you down passages into what ifs which are darkly fascinating and invite the reader to ponder what they would do in those circumstances.

Why am I bringing up these four stories and the illustrators now? Well, yes, because while they and the other stories and illustrations in the book will take you on an adventure. However, these authors and artists are on an adventure themselves. This week they’ve landed in Hollywood, California for the annual Writers and Illustrators of the Future workshop and awards gala.

For the artists and the four 1st place authors this is also when they discover who will win the Golden Pen award (for authors) and the Golden Brush award (for illustrators). In addition to having already placed in the contests themselves (which is not an easy feat I’m still working on), they have been evaluated again against each other to determine which is the best of the best. You can witness this adventure with them.

WIotF will be broadcasting the Gala event live this Friday, April 28th at 7pm Pacific time. Join the adventure either through the WIotF website or their Facebook page.

I am honored to have the chance to view this in person and will try to keep you updated with glimpses into what the cameras don’t show. Time for an adventure!

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