The Paper

He hadn't seen anything like it in twenty years of teaching.

What is WonHundred Word Wednesdays? It’s when a group of amazing authors and I write 100 word stories all based on the same short prompt and post them. All the variations are fun to read. Here is my entry for the week.

He hadn’t seen anything like it in twenty years of teaching. He ached to drink what his mind refused. Forty years were spent on nothing but work and paying bills. Every sacrifice justified by knowing he’d revolutionize everything. Now a paper of uninterested errors sat on his desk. A genius beyond him, it invalidated his work.

Glancing at his pen, his teeth ground. He could grade it. Forget it. Or call his publisher and destroy his work. His time was short. She was a child with years yet. Grimacing, he grabbed before he could change his mind.

He hit dial.

Now see the rest!

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