Silken Strands

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April is National Poetry Month and this is the final week. I’ve been posted a poem once a week this month and it’s time for the final entry… or is it the end? This week’s entry is called “Silken Strands.”

Silken stands shall satisfy
Her darken, demure smile
Chosen are lured by her lie
To stay with her awhile

Silken strands restricting tight
‘Til no voice could dare bemoan
The villain beyond man’s sight
Still her deeper plots unknown

Silken strands and iron strong
Ever more she’ll yet ensnare
Strong men all within that throng
Held by seductive stare

Silken strands are burning fast
The light her shadows remove
Losing all she had amassed
By the one who could reprove

I hope you enjoyed this week’s poem. If you’d like, feel free to leave a comment below. If you’re brave, I hope you’ll write your own poetry and share the link with me.

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