Shalt See

Thou shalt see that it is barren

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.


The green world blurred stretching into dusty yellows. Helia rubbed her tongue over her drying mouth. Closing her eyes, she shook her head vehemently. “Get out of my head, Sandiel.”

Reopening, her eyes she tightened her mind forcing the god’s fingers away. The dusty dunes disappeared back to green hills cut by the nearing peaks of Ramua Range. “You must be getting desperate, old goat.”


Helia glanced to her left. Mist coiled, twisting into a man. His face was distinct – long, narrow, with a shrubby beard at the tip of his chin. “See, goat.”

He huffed, tendrils of mist emerging from his incorporeal nostrils. NEVER, NEVER DARED YOUR ANCESTORS SUCH DISRESPECT.

Helia barked a laugh, loud in the quiet. “Their lack of imagination isn’t mine, God of Lies.”

The mist swirled, moving from beside her to into her path. Halted, Helia managed not to touch the mist. IF YOU GO, I CANNOT CLAIM YOU AS MY OWN ANYMORE.

Helia’s mind flashed back to the empty village she’d left. “Why should I weep over that? You took them all.”

The god stepped back, his form dissipating before her rage. THEY WERE TAKEN FROM ME. WHAT I SEE. WHAT YOU SEE. THEY MATCH NOT. TRUST INME.

Helia stepped around the god. “That I am out of.”

UNTIL THE END THEN. Helia didn’t glance back, but knew the mist followed. A god afraid of being alone. Helia held blindly to her lies.

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