Returned Alone

The horse came back alone

What is WonHundred Word Wednesdays? It’s when a group of amazing authors and I write 100 word stories all based on the same short prompt and post them. All the variations are fun to read. Here is my entry for the week.

The horse came back alone. The queen clicked her tongue as she descended the steps. They’d see her as tranquility amidst the insanity. “Well,” she said unable to connect the word to anything sensible.

The groom stepped away as she clutched the reins, stroking the mane with a trembling hand. “You weren’t to return alone.”

The captain’s armor clamored from dismounting. She remained silent. He’d speak when ready.

“My queen, there was no sign of the king, your daughter, or the dragon.” Scowling at the horizon, she knew one of them would pay for the jest. She would discover who.

Now see the rest.

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