Releasing Magic

Author Jenna Eatough's Flash Fiction Story from writing prompt: I screwed up. I know

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Tremen shook his head as if jarring his thoughts back into order. An order which Kernel’s simple demand had dashed. Tremen had never retreated but did before this onslaught.

Think harder.

What did Tremen have to think of? A sorceress could free him of Garental’s curse. They could allow magic to touch him. Magic in life. In connection. Too much of life was magic, and Garental’s careless words had sundered him from it all.

“No!” Tremen shook his head and pushed forward. Kernel’s slid backward beneath the force of Tremen’s march. “I must be freed.”

“But what magic is there in force?” Kernel asked. “Did the force of Garental’s gift aid you?”

Tremen stopped. His mind shuddering beneath the words. He dropped to the ground. “No.”

Kernel knelt before Tremen. “Magic must flow of its own accord.”

“You’re right,” Tremen said. Sighing he rose, stepped around Kernel and continued after the sorceress trace.

“Tremen you’re not going to…”

“No,” Tremen respond.

The sorceress rose from her campfire when Tremen approached. “Of all the. Leave me be,” she hollered.

Tremen stopped at the clearing’s edge. “I screwed up. I know.” He stopped and thinking of nothing else turned to leave.

“Wait,” the sorceress said behind him.

Tremen turned back.

She stood with crossed arms tapping her foot. “No more chasing?”

Termen shook his head.

The sorceress pointed at a log by the fire. “Then sit.” Tremen gasped as her words reached him. An invitation. An incantation inviting him into life.

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