Protection Wall

The sound of breaking glass stopped her

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Kedoredia leaned over the pool stretching her hand to touch the water. The barrier to secure the cottage would be completed by mixing in the berry blood clinging to her finger. She could feel the chill of the water lap her finger when the sound of breaking glass stopped her.

Straightening, Kedoredia scowled at the branch puncturing the west window. “Not now,” she hissed, a useless protest. That would require mending before she could complete the protection spell.

Her finger brushed against her britches leaving a stain she’d regret tomorrow. beyond the window, a spriggan and danced in the clearing, bees buzzing about it trailed by green specks of light.

“Of all the…” Kedoredia muttered beneath her breath. She should have had more time. They shouldn’t have found her yet, whichever Bay that’s spriggan was there for.

The infant wailed from the cradle tucked in the corner. Kedoredia called her power redirecting it to mend the window. The glass thinned melding together and leaving shards scatted on the ground. She twisted the power as she turned knocking the berry blood’s bottle into the pool.

Red roiled over the water blossoming into a radiance boiling outward through the cottage’s walls. Definitely too much berry blood. She calculated how potent the spell was, longer protection was better than none. Assuming her queen didn’t have her head once reachable. Kedoredia sighed. Next century’s problem.

A familiar huff bellowed behind her. “I hope you didn’t need to be anywhere this century, Haelam.” Kedoredia growled.

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