Unwanted Company

Don't step on the broken glass

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Kedoredia brushed her hair over her shoulder. Of course, he’d broken another window entering. “Don’t step on the broken glass.” Kedoredia admonished. “I don’t need the child finding it’s dust.” The spriggan had been his. The creature had been too docile. A distraction. A successful distraction.

“I’ll be off with the child then and alleviate concern.” Haelam moved one hand toward his dagger, raising an amulet in the other. Laughing, Kedoredia pointed at the remnants of the spell strewn about the pool. Power sparked between her fingers.

Haelam paused. More glass ground beneath his boot as he stepped back. “If you’re worried about glass, reconsidered before smearing blood about.”

“Perhaps you should’ve considered before coming after the Queen’s babe.”

Haelam’s fingers twitched, but his hand remained clear of his weapon. Wise man, they both knew who would win. At least who’d win when he couldn’t retreat. “The queen should have considered carefully absconding with the king’s son.”

Opening her mouth, Kedoredia stopped before snapping her reply. Shrugging, she turned towards the closet searching for a broom.

“Do not dismiss me, Kedoredia,” he growled.

“I’m not.” She turned back, broom in hand. “I just don’t wish to exhaust every argument the first day. We’ve time to debate every merit.” She shoved the broom at him. “Clean that, would you.”

Haelam’s cheeks turned ruddy with rage. Swallowing, he inclined his head and turned away. King’s assassin and Queen’s mage. This would be an interesting century.

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