Precision Practice

Author Jenna Eatough's Flash Fiction Story from writing prompt: I used to practice weaving

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Kerina sat at her bench glowering as the Elder and his favored apprentice, Cardona, gushed over her latest experiment. Her vial glowed with the vibrance Kerina had yet to match.

She glanced at the dim beaker on her bench as the Elder approached. The results between Kerina’s and Cardona’s work was unmistakable. He paused, tutted, and continued without another word.

Kerina’s ears burned as the class ended and most hurried out. How had she, a daughter of the House, a daughter of the strongest magic lineage, been bested by Cardona. Again.

Cardona excelled over her with every trial. Cardona, who could not even claim a familial name. Cardona who even now placed her vial on the shelf of outstanding projects.

Hers outnumbered all others.

Kerina slammed her palm against her station. “What makes you think you have the right to outshine us?”

Cardona tapped her right foot behind her left offering quick respect. “Precision just comes naturally to me.”

“Comes naturally to you?” She laughed sharply. “I’ve had the best tutors since the moment I was born. What training did you have?”

Cardona glanced at her supplies neatly arrayed at her bench. “I used to practice weaving,” she said softly.

Kerina had not expected that answer. “Weaving?”

“I’ve warped hundreds of looms with thousands of heddles maintain meticulous patterns. Precision follows.” Kerina glowered, but Cardona ducked her head and exited the chamber.

Standing, Kerina strode to the now empty table and examined items. The order was nearly perfect.

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