On the Wind

I invented it then

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

A glint lay on the table offering the slightest of illumination. Enough to see the outline of the woman sitting across the table from me, but not her expression. The man at the window was less. I couldn’t even swear to his name being Zyn. She might’ve said that once too quickly for certainty.

I was more certain he’d called her Red. The name fit her temper. I shifted in my chair imperceptibly.

“Don’t.” Her voice broke the silence in the chamber as abruptly as a knife to the gut. I settled back into my chair.

“This is ridiculous.” My irritation slipped into the words, sharpening them. “We’re sitting here staring into darkness. How will that prove my word? Let me show you–”

“Because the wind speaks to me,” I wanted to protest his outrageous lie, but the wind whipped into the chamber shimmering as it wrapped about the wizard. A moment later the air rushed back out.

Zyn turned toward me. “Hello, Captain Thamas.”

Knocked my chair over standing, but that woman moved accursedly fast. A fist in my gut. A knife at my throat. I dropped backward hitting the ground.

“How,” I hissed. “The wind can’t speak over hundreds of leagues.”

“It can for Alireri,” Red said.

I looked the man. “We’d the need due to the gloom incursion. I invented it then.” An air wizard of all the luck.

“So?” the woman asked. Her voice was chillingly calm as she waited for his answer.

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