I'd never met an angel before

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Isabelle flipped her black hair over her shoulder, glowing at the light burst and the figure disappearing into it. More annoyed at the boy tracking the movement with undisguised adoration in his eyes. How was she supposed to cure him of such veneration?

Yes, she’d technically saved him and by association Isabelle, but that didn’t lesson the issues going forward. Calvin finally looked away a good several minutes after her high-ness was non-viewable.

His eyes practically glowed from still reflected glory. “I’d never met an angel before.” Excitement cut through his voice, filling the softly spoken words with extra fever.

Isabelle opened her mouth to dash off a quick retort and stopped. Thunder, Malachi. It was certainly his fault she couldn’t continue and not the recently departed snot. “Yeah, well, they’re not all the same kid.”

She grabbed his shoulder turning him away from the dimming sunburst. “You’ve met more?”

Isabelle grimaced thinking of the myriad she’d met over the eons in less than pleasant circumstances. “More than I care to have. Now, move so we can get underground before they regroup.”

She paused at the cave’s entrance listening to his boots crunch over dirt and stone. Turning back, she glowered at the sky. “Next time, don’t be a showoff who hasn’t retreat immediately. Contusing assistance would’ve been better.”

Isabelle snorted and turned away. Babysitting until dawn hadn’t been on her to-do list.

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