Mum’s Twin

Why had no-one ever mentioned Mum's twin

Another Wednesday, another flash fiction. Enjoy the story!

The tension was thicker than the worn-out cushions as we sat in the living room. At least it wasn’t punctuated by crying. Awkward tea sipping and attempted furtively looks (which failed miserably) at Tammy, absolutely.

Why hadn’t anyone mentioned Mum’s twin? I took a quick sip as I appraised her. Identical twin? Tammy looked like she’d been cast from the same mold.

“And then, your Mum jumped right into the river,” Tammy said finishing. She grinned, but we all stared speechless. “I told it wrong.” Her brow furrowed.

“Have some tea,” Brad said where he’d been leaning against a wall. He grabbed a cup off the table and started pouring, headless of scalding himself.

“Oh, I couldn’t possibly,” she said holding up her hands and then grasping the cup as Brad thrust it into her hands.

“It was Mum’s favorite,” Brad said retreating to his post at the wall.

“Well, maybe a sip.” I glanced at Brad grateful for the moment to collect my thoughts. “Did I tell you the story about. . . ” She stopped as I turned back, wide-eyed. “Yes well, tea first of course.” Raising the cup, she placed her lips against it almost as if she expected it to bite.

Spark fizzled inside her mouth as she lowered the cup. “Oh dear,” Tammy said raising a hand to cover her mouth. My jaw dropped as I stared at her. “That doesn’t seem to agree with me.” Tammy was a robot?

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