Moon’s Glow

I'll never tell

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

The dew-covered grass chilled Rikia’s feet as she slipped to the ground, a chilling counterpoint to the hand still clasping her own. Catching herself she felt the hand slip away as she straightened herself in her family’s farmyard.

The air swirled about her and Rikia spun following. He hung above her drawing the moonlight about him, leaving the world in deeper shadows. The light outlined his form, his crown, and his wings beating to keep him aloft.

She looked at the grass, even in the pre-dawn she could see the clumps the imperfections which had formed her life. Heavens knew why he’d chosen her.

But he had.

Looking back, she raised her hand wishing to glimpse of his face, but the light didn’t reach his shadowed expression. A moment more and he surged upward, light trailing after him. Rikia stepped back allowing the moment to settle into her.

A moment broken by the creak of a door behind her.

“Rikia?” The voice cracked with strain. She turned, her night dress twisting about her ankles. Her mother stood in the doorway her face lit by the candle she held shielded behind her hand. “Rikia!”

An arm wrapped about her shoulder pulling Rikia close with a babble of words. “Where have you been? It’s been moons. You’re chilled through.” He mother drew her toward the house refusing to let her go a moment.

Glancing over her should, Rikia caught a final glimmer in the sky. “I’ll never tell,” she promised.

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