Leaving Now

The crowd spread out around

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Ollie grabbed the sheriff’s vest pulling him with her as she rolled them out the shop’s door. Wincing at the caterwauling as they struck against legs, she felt only a moments guilt. Not like she knew who was out the door. Besides, the particularly noisy gent dodged quick enough and the midday the crowd spread out around giving them space.

She jumped from the ground, smacking her elbow against the sheriff’s head before he could rise. The man sputtered and collapsed to the ground as the door creaked behind them.

“I told you I was done.” Timothy’s voice rose above Josephine’s protests. Glancing back, Ollie watched Alessia yank Josephine from the store.

Ollie clamped her mouth closed keeping her laugh in as Alessia glowered at Timothy. “Coward.” Alessia said.

“I ain’t no coward. I just ain’t suicidal.” Cries sounded from across the way and Timothy’s gripped his holstered pistols.

Spinning Ollie saw a trio sprinting from the saloon opposite the shop as the crowd spread out around them. Thankfully, Josephine went quiet behind.

Timothy paused at her side as the men halted their headlong flight mid-street. “So, what’s the plan the ditch?” Ollie glanced at him, and he jerked his head to the right. “Stable’s that away.”

“Nah.” Ollie grinned drawing, fingers tapping her own pistol as Alessia and Josephine joined them. “I was thinking the station and a strider would be faster.” She surged forward even as the trio startled at her words. This would be fun.

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