Memory Bound

Six years ago I was

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

The sunset made the sky a bloody mess as I stood on the battlements. I waited alone, but for what I couldn’t guess. Red had stained my death and trapped my sight still.

“Hello?” A voice chipped. I turned to find a child watching me. Her dress of stiff brocade dwarf her, making her eyes seem wider as she regarded me. Though not from fear.

“The hour is late, little one.” My voice sounded worn. Before she could respond, I tried to turn, but the movement lagged if I struggled in a swift moving river’s waters.

The child shifted, and I heard a clinking within her loose fist. Stones? She plucked a small marble free, tossing it at me. The warm sphere passed through me to plink against the wall.

She broke into a grin. “Late is when you’re awake.” I felt excitement wafting from her.

I scowled. No one was excited to see me. But then mortals didn’t see or speak with me. “What do you want?”

“I…” She stalled as if she unsure. Her pudgy face drew down beneath her thoughts. “I require the assistance of a Memorymancer.”

“Then you’ve come to the wrong place. Six years ago I was, but now…” Despair I’d held at Bay for six years engulfing me. “but now…” My feet touched the ground. Emotion rolled through me. Her desperation burning away my own and leaving a blinding image of her father. “My lady.” I wheezed. “I hear. I obey.”

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