Lucky Thought

Author Jenna Eatough's Flash Fiction Story from writing prompt: Their environment was safer

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Detective Sloane peered at the chasm. When she’d signed on to the corps, she hadn’t expected maintaining order would include dealing with alien entities. First, the creature swallowing towns. Now, a species claiming their tech had magnified it.

The chasm was a manifestation of the alien’s psy-network. Their network. Their world and understanding. What chance did she have?

None from the outside.

“Can you plug me into the psy-network?” Sloane turning back the alien.

He gazed at her. “Yes, but the creature will find you quickly. Your presence would expose you to greater risk.”

Detective Sloane nodded once. “Understood, but sometimes risk is required.” Sloane preferred the risks only affecting herself over allowing the creature to ravage communities.

The alien nodded. “Very well.”

Detective Sloane nodded sharply. She had no intention of lingering. Either her plan worked, or it didn’t.

“You’re in.” Detective Sloane’s mind expanded grasping the world and pulling it close.

The creature slid with it. “Have you come to challenge me?” The oily voice reverberated.

“Not in the least.” The environment changed and become one Sloane knew. Her station in the office. With her computer the network as she could comprehend it.

The creature rolled across her screen, an oily blackness threatening to seep out.

But just a computer screen.

Leaning forward, Detective Sloan grabbed the plug and yanked it free. The screen blinked out and the world around Sloane changed. Blue sky shone above, and groggy voices mumbled about her. “I win.” Detective Sloane grinned.

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