Lost in Light

Do you find me shy yet

Another Wednesday, another flash fiction. Enjoy the story!

The Bishop was headed out. Finally. I didn’t appreciate being scolded by uptight captains who hadn’t a clue about my job. I snorted. I wasn’t lazy, and yes, I knew there was a war happening.

Leaning over I flicked a switch on the consul. Holding the headset against my ear I checked the scanners one last time. The Bishop was at scanners edge and the rest was empty space. “Vespira?” I said raising my eyes to the port and stars filling it.

Silence. I hated silence.

Here, other than ships stopping to drop or load, I was alone. The next arrival wasn’t for a week. But Vespira would come.

The Bishop’s presence blipped a final time and disappeared. Leaning back, I put my feet on the chair next to me listening to dead space.

“Hello Gunnar,” a voice said in my ear.

My eyes snapped open and Vespira filled the port. I grinned heart pounding and sat straight. She was here.

The ships lines lacked the seams or angles of our ships. And the weapons. “You know we won’t come while they are here.”

“I snorted. I’m starting to believe you.” I drank in the sight of the ship. Light danced over its skin as if light were the hull. “You going to show yourself or stay shy today?”

My screen shifted without me touching a button filling with a radiant face, watching me with a slow blink. I drank her in and lost myself, space, and time.

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