Light in White

People assume I died four years ago

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Nothing but white. Lillie turned searching for anything in the humdrum continuance, vaguely disturbed by the thought that she might be dead.

White. White. Even more white.

There in the distance was a light. How she knew it was a light was beyond her. Still, there was a brightening in the unrelenting pure white.

Nodding, she strode forward, trying not to think of jokes related to death.

The illumination grew brighter. And then it wasn’t just light. There was a lamppost.

Then beneath the lamp a man crouched surrounded by books. Joe. Lillie cried out flinging her arm into a frantic wave as she sprinted forward.

Joe looked up, and his familiar lopsided grin appeared. Rising, he opens his arms and waited for her.

She stopped just beyond his reach. “Wait.” Her shoulders sagged as she looked at him. “If you’re here than I am dead.”

Shaking his head, Joe chuckled. “While people assume I died four years ago, I assure you I’m quiet alive.” Stepping forward, Joe wrapped his arms about her.

That certainly felt real. “But how?” Her nose crinkled with confusion. He’d died. She’d gone to his funeral.

But he was here.

“How’s not important.” There was a chattering beside them from a diminutive dragon. When had that arrived. “Yes, yes. I’m getting to that,” Joe said as if he’d understood the chatter.

Taking a step back he held her at arm’s length. “Well then oracle, let’s get you to your temple.”

“Huh?” Lillie said inelegantly.

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