Out of the House

Keep your magic out of my house

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

The front gave a low groan with the deliberation of guilt. Wiping her hands on her apron, Aerith marched from her kitchen to the hallway.

Ombert stood at the stair’s base gripping the banister with a foot raised. His eyes widened at Aerith. Ombert twisted as she marched down the hall keeping a side out of view.

“Out!” she bellowed point at the still open door.

Ombert’s scowl was quickly replaced by a jovial smile. “Ah dearest, I’m in need of a midday rest bit.”

Aerith snorted, filling the sound with her incredulity. Reaching the stairs, she reached between the balusters, snatched his cloak, and revealed the iron cage he’d held.

She looked from the pixie in it to him, her scowl not easily dissipated. Ombert glanced to the cage, his mouth slowly forming an O as if astonished at its existence. “How did that–”

Aerith released his cloak. “Keep your magic out of my house.”

“But dearest–”

“Don’t you ‘but dearest’ me.” Reaching over the railing, Aerith grasped his earlobe. “I agreed to leave Welimar.”

Ombert squalled as she pulled him toward the doorway.

“I gave you the grounds for your experiments.” She thrust him out the door before releasing her grip. “But not in my house.”

She slammed the door shut as Ombert raised a hand to argue. Huffing, Aerith wiped her hands again and headed back to the kitchen. “Wizards,” she muttered. “Thinking a few centuries of study gives them leave to act the fool.

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