In the Brink

She barely recognized him for the bruises

The Brink was no place to get lost and the only place on Minerva Terminal. In the last hour Lia became more familiar with the fact than she’d ever hoped for.

One hour and two steps off the tram and I’d lost the few credits she’d dared bring. The information had been what she’d hoped for though, and now she stood at the entry to a hole in the wall den with her goal in front of her.

And hopelessly unreachable.

“What do you mean you won’t come.” Lia shifted, placing her weight on her left leg and glowered at Leo. Her twin could be intractable at times, and this time she barely recognized him for the bruises.

“I mean I’m not coming,” He wrapped a brace around his wrist. “I’m staying. No moving.”

Lia snorted. “What am I supposed to tell mother?”

Leo shrugged. “Whatever you want. She already knows anyway.”

“Not here she doesn’t!” Lia gestered to the Brink. “She can’t monitor here.”

“Here isn’t where the decisions were discussed.” Leo shouldered past her. “Or made.”

Lia let out a frustrated groan. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“You’ve got the codes. You can know what she knows.” Leo slipped into the ebb of traffic in the corridor.

Lia tossed her hair. Just like their mother was what they’d vowed not to be. Why would Leo dare her now? Unless there was something she had to see… Lia eyes a buzzing terminal. Perhaps the Brink wasn’t so bad.

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