After Game

I've been here since day one

I’d lost. Darkness swelled around me, not in an absence of light, but in a totality of it. Not one pixel of hue remained. The game world I’d spent months carefully conquering had withdrawn beyond my reach leaving me… here.

I turned a slow circle, but the black remained a constant the contradiction between nothing and everything leaving me without even the dance of fool’s light. Except for one spot beneath my feet. Kneeling I place my hand upon the faint blue glow.

It spread beneath my fingertips, condensing and shooting out into thin lines. Circling from behind me, the light detached from beneath me to form a fuzzy column rising three feet before me.

The glow resolved in the vague outline of a woman. “Opal system is active. How may I assist your gaming experience?”

“Opal system?” Something was familiar about that, but I couldn’t place what.

“Yes, priority customs all have access to the Opal system to further your experience.”

I scoffed at that, slapping my leg. “Priority customer? You must have me confused.”

“And yet, I’ve been here since day one.” The form followed me as I circled around it. “Or would you prefer to terminate the simulation at this time?”

“No!” I reached for her, but my hand passed through the light causing only a faint misting for a moment.

“Decline noted. What can I do for you, sir?”

“What can you do?” I scratched my head. “What kind of world can you make?”


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