I am One

Author Jenna Eatough's Flash Fiction Story from Writing prompt: For I am the one with all the stories

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Hank dropped his bag loudly as he entered the data center on Inradus VI. He blinked at the central processor. Marv, their chief data analyst stood encased in the center’s glow, eyes closed, and face lifted toward the light.

Hank turned back toward the hallway. “Who let Marv at the databanks again?” A chorus of snickers responded.

“For I am the one with all the stories.” The voice boomed loudly behind Hank. A loud humming followed the pronouncement. Hank groaned. Marv was in full dramatic swing.

He turned back from the hallway. “Okay Marv, if all stories are yours…” Reaching the outer controls he scanned the dials. “Tell me about the leprechaun and the toad.”

“The what?” Marv paused, his mouth dropping open. Hank could tell he attempted to search the banks for the reference, but he’d never find it.

The banks held every whit of information the Katharsi had collected. Every fact, theory, and legend.

But they’d lived before humans and knew nothing of their tales.

Shutting down the system, Hank took Marv’s arm gently. “Come on Marv. Let’s get you cleaned up.”

Leading him from the chamber they passed a pair of discreetly snickering researchers. Hank glowered at them, and they fell silent. When they came even, he hissed, “Next time you let him through, you’re changing his diapers.”

Their amused eyes widened and quickly looked away returning to their work. Inradus VI was the center of Katharsi learning, but tech was blazes on a human mind.

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