Identity Unbound

Author Jenna Eatough's Flash Fiction Story from Story prompt: My book fell into his hands

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

“I always had the worst luck. Tragically, it followed me even after I left this world.”

Kell strained, reaching for the ledge as the cage teetered above the high drop. “What does your luck have to do with my imprisonment?” he asked uninterestedly. Lack of interest hadn’t stopped her translucent greenness from prattling for the last day.

“Because my book fell into his hands” she wailed. Kell almost missed her meaning. Craning his neck to peer at her more fully, the cage swooshed beneath him and Kell fell against the bars.

Grabbing the bars, he peered at the woman more fully. There wasn’t anything hugely impressive looking about her: slightly plump, a hooked nose, and a permanent scowl. “Wait, you don’t mean you’re Elindine?”

“Yes. That’s me.” She seemed to perk up at hearing the name.

“Elindine, the Seeress?”


“Elindine, the Seeress of Ardenlaine?”

“Yes.” Her answer was sharper that time.

“Elindine, the See–”

“Yes,” she snapped. “I’m Elindine. She is me.” Crossing her arms, she huffed in midair. “Is that so unbelievable?”

“Well.” Kell scratched the back of his head. “Every tale speaks of your indomitable will, and you’re… slightly…” Kell shrugged.

Elindine huffed. “Don’t tell me that idiot bard Krado’s songs are still sung?”

“He’s a revelation.”

“He’s a fool and never got over me telling him no.” Kell opened his mouth, but she raised her hand. “One word in his defense and I’ll leave you to rot.”

Snapping his mouth closed, he shrugged. “Fair enough.”

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