Glamourous Outlaws

Author Jenna Eatough's Flash Fiction Story from writing prompt: My life isn’t as glamorous as my wanted poster makes it look

Wednesday has come around again, and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

“And this is the bunkroom,” Alessia clapped her hand on the rough wood bunkbed post turning to face Maria Josephine Ziegler. How she’d let Ollie talk her into touring Josephine about while she spoke with the Professor only the desert sun knew.

Josephine stood scant inches within the doorway, clutching her skirts tightly against herself. She didn’t have to act so blazingly obvious about her distaste.

“This is it?” Josephine didn’t bother glancing at Alessia. Instead the woman swallowed, a movement which jerked her shoulders and left her looking like she’d just lost kin. “I thought there would be… more.”

Allessia followed the woman’s gaze to the bunks. The blankets were thin with occasional holes, but they were still warm. Beneath them, straw poked from the mattress in spots.

Alessia turned back to Ollie and shrugged. “My life isn’t as glamorous as my wanted poster makes it look.” Alessia plopped herself down on the bunk, wood and ropes creaking beneath her. A puff of dust rose into the room.

Josiphine sneezed, a soft sound more reminiscent of a mouse than a person. “Perhaps I’ll talk to the Professor about setting up a cot in the workshop.”

Alessia thunked her elbows onto her legs. “Didn’t you see what just happened in there?”

Josephine blinked. “We mean the fun puzzle?” she asked managing to sound truly perplexed.

“Yeah.” Alessia shook her head. “Fun puzzle.” At least there weren’t any townsfolk about for Josephine to cause another brawl between.

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