Lucky Day

Author Jenna Eatough's Flash Fiction Story from writing prompt: She'd buried the memory

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Detective Sloane flinched, stepping backward even as the darkness engulfed her. Her mind screamed that the bio helm wouldn’t hold against this thing, this living darkness. Gasping in a breath, Sloane held it and closed her eyes.

Nothing. No heat. No cold. No wetness. Nothing.

Opening one eye she peered cautiously. Whatever the thing may be, it hadn’t invaded her helm. Pressed directly against it, sure, but it remained without. At the moment she felt like she’d been wrapped in a blackout blanket.

One which admittedly carried an electric charge. The prickling of her skin had intensified to nearly painful, but she’d been through worse.

“Umm,” she said certain the thing could hear her, “I thought you’d accepted my challenge?”

The black roiled over her visor, a feat since it remained pressed against it. Color returned to Sloane’s vision.

Grey seeping into the black forming silhouettes of people. The village residents?

Blue entered the scene and Detective Sloane knew what she saw couldn’t be the village. This village lay klicks inland and these people danced before the ocean.

One of the taller ones bent over stretching out her arms. A smaller form bolted toward her and the first raised the little one high overhead. The scene spun with the girl, and she saw the overly large wave rising on the horizon.

Sloane screamed stepping backward as the scene snapped into vivid detail. She knew this day. This event. She’d buried the memory never wanting to relive it. Curse the creature.

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