Dragon Scales

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April is National Poetry Month! I love poetry and want to celebrate the month so I’ll be posting a poem on my blog at least once a week this month and perhaps beyond. This week’s entry is called “Dragon Scales.”

The stone is rough now beneath one hand
Dragon scales are here for sale
Read the sign in faded script
Nor did soul within stir
As the candle’s wax dripped

The spark spread, still no move
To extinguish the flame
Though yet the sun rode high
Behind sky’s gloomy frame

But the quiet was pierced
With a fierce and sad roar
From the throat of her mate
As through the city he tore

Oh, costly where scales
Worth far more than they had
For its peace with dragons
Or see them raging mad

I hope you enjoyed this week’s poem. If you’d like, feel free to leave a comment below. If you’re brave, I hope you’ll write your own poetry and share the link with me.

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