It had to be done

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Sunlight blinded me momentarily as my hood was yanked back. Closing one eye, I squinted with the other up at the guard next to me. “She’s here.” The man gripped my arm. Hooves thudded on the dry ground as a mounted group rushed toward me, more motion in the sea of people seeking refuge in the city.

I sniffed looking up at the captain as his horse stopped next to me. “Princess Adendra.” Lageric’s hands tightened on his reigns as he looked me over.

I was a sight. More dirt had ended up on me than beside the hole when I’d dug. “Lageric.” I picked at the dirt beneath my nails.

“Where it is,” Lageric slid from the horse. His hand moved to his sword’s hilt as soon as his feet touched the ground.


I raised my chin when he opened his mouth to speak, and he stopped. Lageric turned away and motioned to the men behind him. “Track her path.”

The trio looped off, and he turned back to me. “Do you know what you’ve done taking the crown?” Voice hushed he pulled me from the line as he spoke.

“What had to be done.” I blinked and swallowed. He saw only the departure of the magic. I saw the salvation of all Estilsa.

Lageric stared at me a moment more. He shook his head and shoved me away, toward a guard from the hands the grabbed me. “Take her to Keni.”

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