Red Moon

The crescent moon was blood red

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Ederon’s boot scuffed the floor’s tiles as he paced. “We must do something.” He exclaimed for the hundredth time in the last hourglass turning.

Hands clasped, I glanced to the side. Renwen, a goddess vessel and witness to the day, stood next to me expression vacant. Through her pale hair I saw the crescent moon outlined on her forehead, still the color of her skin. I prayed it remained that way.

I turned back to Ederon. “Liege, we cannot. Such a venture is not Goddess blessed.”

Ederon spun on his heal. “Goddess be struck.” I grasped the pendent at my neck frowning. He hadn’t meant that. I knew that. He did too. He paled and turned away.

The chamber door groaned as they opened. Renwen straightened turning toward the sound.

Ederon shoved past me moving to the guards at the entrance. The leader stopped, hand grasping the pommel of his sword. Ederon would not like this report. “What is the word?” Ederon asked.

The guard shook his head, eyes dropping as he gazed to the side. “We caught up with them before they could cross the Severiv.” The guard paused clearing his throat. “But…” He glanced at his companion squinting.

“But it was too late.” Ederon and I turned to Renwen. She stood straight, clasping the sword she’d ignored before.

“No,” Ederon said backing away, voice breaking.

I sighed looking at Renwen. The crescent moon was blood red. “The Goddess sustains you.” I touched her forehead. “Avenge this death.”

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