Chasing Magic

Author Jenna Eatough's Flash Fiction Story from writing prompt: You know the beginning

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Tremen followed the sorceress as she fled up the stairs. “Help me, please?” he cried. His voice echoed off stone.

She paused at a turning and scowled at him. “No.”

“What kind of answer is that?” Tremen tromped up the stairs. From the spells littering the path, they had to lead to her retreat. Sorceresses didn’t often invite others into them. The center of their magic. There she’d prepare her best spells.

He only needed one.

“A perfectly reasonable and complete answer.” Her voice hit him, and Tremen shuddered beneath the spell within them. A spell which shoved against him. Tremen stepped through as easily as the rest.

Round and round he went, growing dizzier with each turn until he found himself on a landing. The sorceress stood in the chamber beyond glowering.

Raising his hands, Tremen stomped forward. “Please, if you don’t no one can. You know the beginning.”

The sorceress sniffed. “I know what you think is the beginning, but Garental’s foolishness did not begin with blessing you protection from magic at birth.”

“See!” Tremen surged forward and she retreated pressing her back against a window. “You know. You can help me!”

“I know you’ve learned nothing.” The sorceress unlatched the window. “Including not to force a woman.”

Tremen realized a moment too late what she’d do and reached the window empty. The sorceress fell, twisted, and caught air to soar away as a bird. But he could still taste her magic and would follow.

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