Stories Untold

Author Jenna Eatough's Flash Fiction Story from writing prompt: Once there was a story

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

“Once there was a story,” the voice rumbled against her ear and deepest blank hair trailed over her pillow.

“I’ve heard this one before, mama.” Her voice sounded muffled by blanket pulled over her nose.

“How do you know? There are many stories.” Her mother’s cradled her closer.

“Because only one ever begins that way.” She sighed dramatically.

“Only one?” Her mother tickled her eliciting a giggle. “You’ve heard every story in the world?”

“Enough.” She ducked further into the blankets. “I’ve heard enough.”

“Ah then.” Her mother smoothed her hair. “I suppose you won’t want to hear about Nyrinn and Gustall.

She gasped. Her eyes widening at the names. Nyrinn and Gustall. She’d heard that story hinted at more times than days she’d lived, but never heard it.

Nyrinn of the raven hair which wrapped the stars within her locks. Gustall of the lowlands leading an invasion. A tale which ended with the wall, but why and how… She’d begged countless times for the tale.

“I want to hear it,” she said each word with quiet clarity. “I want to.”

“Very well then.” Her mother shifted, a settling she knew meant a story about to be told. She held her breath.

“Once there was a story–”

Knocking sounded on her door. Her mother squeezed her shoulder and rose.

A man entered. “You’re needed at the bulwark.”

Mother looked back to her. “Next time,” mother promised. Light caught silver sparkles in her hair as she turned to leave.

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