Leading Edge Vol. 43

Poem Title: Sylvan Lullabaye
The Leading Edge Volume 43 with poem Sylvan Lullaby by Author Jenna Eatough
Publication Status
Out of Print
Little one, little one, lay your head down
And look to the stars, the jewels of sky’s gown.
The white moon is passing across the sky
While we, forest’s children, in silence lie.
Publication Information
Editors: Benjamin R. Olsen
Authors: Jeffrey Turner, Emily Martha Clark, M. C. A. Hogarth, Janice Johnson, Bruce R. Carlson, Ethan Sproat, Jenna Eatough, Eric J. Ehlers, Christopher Kugler, Rob Wells
Illustrators: Bobbie Berendson W, Randall Ensley, Roxell Carr, Kevin Keele, Steven Keele, and Tad MacDaniels
Published by: The Leading Edge
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Date: 2002
Pages: 108

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