Ageless Sight

Not Again

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Being the Ageless to the Astardodda Ethereal Throne was not without perks. Unlike the other Ageless, Wicorin wasn’t doomed to endless wandering seeking bits of lore or relics. Forever drifting in search of knowledge.

No, the world trickled to Wicorin. Visiting dignitaries brought knowledge and relics. Well, they brought them for the throne. But he’d gained the skill of whispering in the monarch’s ear and acquiring whatever he wanted for however long he wanted it.

They never argued anymore or brought the items up again. Even when they never reemerged. He’d meant to return that horn to Unilisa, he was still peeling back its secrets six generations later.

Yes, the position had perks. But drawback as well. Today’s drawback had just entered the throne room.

“I am Glarella,” the woman in rough spun linen proclaimed.

Not again.

Glarella had obviously attempted to clean up. Her linen was clean if rough. Her nose did have a distracting smudge. Still, she exuded regal confidence. “I claim the Ethereal Thron.”

Kelalle, the current king, scowled straightening on his throne. No, he would not be a fan of this proclamation. “How dare…” he chocked off the rest of his tirade, switching between clipped others. “Remove her!” he finally settled on.

Wicorin sighed, switching his sight on. The king sat darkly next to him. The girl was radiant.

Yes, again. Another succession war budding.

“I’m afraid she’s correct, Sire.” Wicorin pounded his staff on the floor. “The Throne has chosen a new monarch.”

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