The Leprechaun Grinned

The leprechaun grinned

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

I slammed the cabinet door closed and jumped backward, pressing a hand to my chest. My heart thumped against my palm, reassuring me I was still alive. If only sanity were as easily assessed. I’d definitely spent too much time listening to gramps tales over the holidays and was seeing things.

“Everything okay, Jan?”

I screeched, jumped, and landed unsteadily staring at Cody leaning out of his office doorway. He scratched a spot on his scalp.

I opened my mouth, my jaw twitching around various sounds but producing nothing. Instead, I settled on nodding. I was not telling him I’d seen a grinning leprechaun.

“You sure?” He stepped closer.

“Positive.” I raised my hands halting his advance. “I just saw Matt’s mouse. Hadn’t expected him actually be serious.”

Cody tugging on his shirts hem and puffed out a breath. “I could help set traps.”

“I’ve got it.” Somehow, I forced a smile.

He shrugged. “Okay,” he said and disappeared back into his office.

I glanced at the doorframe making sure he didn’t return before gingerly opening the cabinet again.

The creature had refused to either politely disappear or stop staring uncannily in my direction. His eyes followed me as I stepped back.

“So,” he said laying a coin in the long-abandoned bowl, “shall we get on with this now, or do ya need more screamin first?”

I opened my mouth to protest screaming, but his question settled in. “Get on with what?”

“Your family’s debt’s come true.”

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