Uplifted Alone

Word Prompt: I've got my goblet

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Panting, Silfie skidded to a halt at the clearing’s edge. Eldress Arior still stood at the center of the clearing, next to the Numina Fountain. Only two others remained in line, and already Enrem stood beside the Eldress.

Dashing over, she ignored the pointed looks and eye rolls from those already blessed and ducked behind Karalione. Enrem moved away holding a full goblet in both hands.

Karalione, the only other in line now, stepped forward and held up her goblet to Arior. The Eldress bent down and took the cup from Karalione. Pulling back her long sleeve, she turned toward the fountain and dipped the cup into the water.

“Child of the heavens, take this and receive your blessing, receive your birthright.” The water dripped vividly clear as Arior lifted the cup and handed it back to Karalione.

Silfie stepped forward Karalione departed. She ducked her head and held up her goblet, arms trembling from its weight.

Arior didn’t take it from her. “Drink and may heavens blessing go with you.”

Silfie stared as the others drank, still holding out her goblet. Only after they departed did she dare speak. “Eldress Arior, I’ve got my goblet.”

The Eldress turned toward her tucking a tress behind her ear. “And a lack of punctuality.”

Silfie dropped her gaze and scuffed the ground with her bare toes. “I tried.” She always tried and always ran late.

Arior plucked the goblet from her hands. “We’ll see what blessing lies ahead for you little one.”

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