His heart began to thump

This wasn’t the original story I had planned for today, but yesterday was a bit inspiring. I might have gotten stuck in an elevator.


Colin cussed, not bothering to keep it under his breath as the elevator ground to a halt. Thirteen flights of stairs didn’t sound so bad now. He glanced at number glowing above him. How long had it said six?

Leaning over, he pried his fingers into the tiny crack of the call panel, wrenching it open. He moved to jab the button and froze. Swallowing, Colin straightened and looked around the cabin. Nothing had changed and yet… “Aliza?”

Silence was his response. Shaking his head he turned back to button and pressed it. It buzzed static back at him. The cabin shook and he grabbed the rails his heart thumping as the room jerked around his dropping slightly.

“Aliza!” he cried.

The static in the call box faded and a voice came through. “Colin.” He frowned. Impossible. He’d been there when they’d locked her up. Had watched the metal door in cement walls lock, but it was her voice.

“Aliza, what do you want?”

The room jerked again, up this time. “Just a bit of entertainment. It’s boring here.” Colin swore as the lights flickered. He should have known she’d find way to connect her implants to something. He glanced at the escape hatch. The elevator plummeted as he jump, thumping his head against the ceiling.

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