I've never thrown an axe before

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Alyssum’s wings fluttered as she pushed against axe’s haft ineffectively. How had the human stuck this in so deeply? Snorting she threw herself against it again gaining a stinging shoulder.

She fluttered backward with a harrumph. If Alyssum couldn’t retrieve the axe how could she use it? She glanced over her shoulder. Jadelynn still ran from the man. Her wings beating from desperate instinct over deliberateness. Alyssum turned back to the axe and grunted. Fine.

Closing her eyes, she stretched out with her magic, hefting the axe from the tree and sending it spinning across the glade. The blade thunked into the tree between the pair. Admittedly closer to Jadelynn than Alyssum preferred.

Jadelynn glowered with a flare of her nostrils before she grabbed the axe and yanked if free. Screaming she charged toward the man, light shimmering along the edge of her wings. Alyssum flicked her fingers and light burst from the axe as it swung toward the man.

He screamed shielding his eyes and stumbled backward. The stumble became a run and the pair were left alone in the small clearing. Jadelynn was panting and trembling as Alyssum landed on her shoulder.

The glower was back. Humans, they were never pleased. “What?” She held her hands out in innocence. “I’ve never thrown an axe before. I’d said it was a rather good toss.”

“You used magic again.” That was angry voice.

Oh that. When would accept the perfectly fine wings Alyssum had gifted her? “Which time?” she giggled.

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