The Sisters’ Intrusion

Author Jenna Eatough's Flash Fiction Story from Writing prompt: I'm not really surprised that you murdered him

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

A long sigh sounded behind Red. One which demanded attention. Turning, she tightened her grip on her blade. Whynna sat in the open windowsill.

Great. She hadn’t needed the sisters butting in.

The woman ran her long, brown braid between her fingers. “I’m not really surprised that you murdered him, all things considering.” She sighed again. “Nor can I overlook the murder.

The woman dropped into the room. Her movements, as always, were almost lyrical in their smoothness. Entrancing.

Well, entrancing if Red had been anyone else. Lifting her knife before her she slid backward even as the woman approached.

“I didn’t kill him.” She pointed with her free hand to the slit throat even as she raised her blade. The clean unblemished metal gleamed in the myriad of candles still burning in the room.

Whynna stopped, glancing from Red’s blade to the corpse who caused all the drama. She’d just wanted to scare him into compliance and to get out of town.

She hated this town. Had since her first trip through. This one had yet to change her mind.

“But if not you…” Whynna shook her head. “Yes, I believe you. Any other thief I would question but you–”

Pounding sounded on the stairs outside the room.

“Later.” Whynna slid backward and out the window.

The door burst open, and guards poured in, glancing from Red to the body. “Stop thief!”

Red bolted for the window, tumbling out into a rose bush. Yes, she hated this town.

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