That rogue AI was starting school

The word prompt this week was a bit specific on subject so I had fun trying to keep the tone light.

Lilly Miriam Hewitt sniffed snootily and sipped her tea. Her gaze focused on the school across the way, specifically the students. Or one in particular. In her many years, not that she’d admit how many those were, she’d never seen anyone so audacious up the walk.

Raising her voice she complained to her companion, “In all my years, I never.” She gestured to the platinum robot.

“How many years was that again?” Helda Maize inquired. Lilly didn’t miss the grin she attempted to hide behind her own cup.

“Never you mind.” She shook a finger. “There’s more important things to worry about when AI think about attending school.”

“You mean like them being making informed decisions and not trying blowing us up, again?” Helda didn’t try to hide her grin this time.

Lilly ignored her friend’s statement. “What do we need AI education for? They’ve been programmed with what we need. Shouldn’t have be enough?”

Helda shook her head. “No, that’s what old programs were for. The ones which did what we said and not what we meant. Even when we really didn’t mean it.”

Lilly sniffed, raising her chin. “Having programs do what we don’t want deliberately is better how?”

Helda plopped her cup on the table as she rolled her eyes. “If you’ve such a problem with it, go complain.” She gestured to the school.

“Maybe I will,” Lilly snapped. She adjusted cup and raised it to hide her mouth. “After I finish my tea.”

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