Sun & Moon

Fyretober 2021

Day 2 of Fyrecon’s Fyretober has arrived! Celebrate of month of creation with me.

Miressi wanted to ride the winds far from the council chamber. To feel the rushing air whispering anything was possible, instead of stale air of the chamber’s denial of anything beyond tradition.

“Impossible.” Miressi blinked at the flat denial, not bothering to look at the other council members. The refusal would be mirrored in all their faces. The cowards would let Olahar spoke for them all on this. Even when Miressi disagreed herself.

The man, Tohalin, stood before the council. Miressi doubted she’d retain his composure where she to stand there. Barely tightening his hands, the man merely shook his head. “How can I tell her it is impossible?”

Olahar raised his hand pointing toward windows circling the chamber above. Beyond star glimmered competing against the moon’s glow. “The moon and sun say it is impossible.” Olahar rose circling the council table as he spoke. “Just as the sun overrides the moon’s light, her blood mingled with your own would overwhelm everything precious to us.”

Tohalin raised his hand to swipe it sideways in denial of the argument, but Olahar grabbed his wrist before the motion could be completed. “What you say cannot be.”

“True son of the moon.” Olahar placed a hand on Tohalin’s shoulder. “We cannot change the order of things. In the breaking that was tried. Would you sunder us as a people further.”

Tohalin opened his mouth as if to protest, but the words didn’t come as he looked around the council. The faces closed to any path other than their own. Miressi caught his gaze, holding it as she smiled quietly.

Olahar released Tohalin as the man dropped his gaze quickly. “You have the Drakeem’s judgement. Would you question this further?”

“No Drakeem Olahar,” he said. Inclining his head the man turned from the chamber.

Miressi smiled through the chatter that followed. Nothing of consequence was spoken, that had been taken care of first. Excusing herself she left the chamber and found Tohalin waiting in the garden beyond. Crocking her finger at him, he moved to join her as she moved away from the council chambers.

Glancing back, she took Tohalin’s wrist and squeezed it reassuringly. “They forget the moon reflects the sun’s light. Increasing the light is no curse. Come and let me show you how.”

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“Fyretober isn’t for just writers or just artists. It’s for everyone who loves to create, and this month we’re looking to see your flash fiction, poetry, and illustrations every day. We’ll be providing daily prompts for the month and want to see what new concepts and wonders you can make with them.

Join the creation fun and share your work with us.

This isn’t a contest. But that doesn’t mean we won’t be giving out random prizes for amazing work.”

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