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Welcome to day 27 of Fyretober! I hope you’re all enjoying a month of flash fiction as much as I am. Enjoy today’s writing challenge from Fyrecon’s Fyretober!

Tara balanced her binder and pad pressing the commander’s call button. The chime echoed hollowly in the corridor. Why they’d thought that sound reflected imperfectly soundproof doors of Earth she didn’t understand.

Though she knew why she pondered the bell now. Commander Scorch was known for temper matching his name. Or for being prudent and wise. The problem was when you brought him trouble, he could go either way.

And Tara carried trouble.

The door whooshed open. Scorch sat behind his desk, glancing up briefly. “Ms. Calhoun, did I request research. I don’t recall.”

“No, sir.” She stepped inside and the door whoosh closed. “Though I do have a report to show you.” Before she could lose her nerve or Scorch dismissed her, Tara rushed across the room and plopped her binder and pad on his desk.

Scorch sat back, raising a brow at her. She shook her head and spun the pad around, calling up the report she’d been working on. “I found a discrepancy in some numbers.” She pointed at the long column.

Scorch looked at his, his brow furrowing ever further. “The numbers match. Listen, if this is a joke, I just don’t care.”

“What?” Laura glanced at the reader. Her numbers had been altered. “No, this isn’t right. That’s not what I have a minute ago. They’ve been change… again.”

“Interesting,” a voice said behind her. Snatching her binder, Tara hugged it tightly and turned to glowered at the lieutenant.

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“Fyretober isn’t for just writers or just artists. It’s for everyone who loves to create, and this month we’re looking to see your flash fiction, poetry, and illustrations every day. We’ll be providing daily prompts for the month and want to see what new concepts and wonders you can make with them.

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