Welcome to Wednesday’s flash fiction wherein I write, as part of a group, a flash fiction based on a prompt. Enjoy the story!

As a rumble built I resisted the urge to look. Staring at the train belching steam and rumbling toward you wouldn’t get you out of the way. Nor would my lollygagging or gawking. Rose’s screams to hurry from the plane’s cockpit weren’t particularly helpful either.

Rumble or no there’d still be time for a last swing. Grabbing the planes propeller, I swung it about feeling the mechanics work within. I jerked backward as the engine engaged with a shrill throb.

Ducking down I grabbed the stops ropes yanking them out from beneath the wheels. “Go!” I screamed ducking from beneath the plane as I grabbed for the rung ladder leading to the seat behind Rose.

She jerked leaning forward and the plane bumped its way to speed knocking my feet from beneath me. Bother. Elbow and shoulder screaming protest, my back slammed against the plane. My stomach and the ground dropped away at the same moment. Rose jerked the plane left, which from the spittle which flecking was wise.

The dragon’s neck stretched, as it clamped its jaws shut on empty air. The large wings beat behind it, flightless. Never had been a better use of a rock slide. Twisting, I hauled myself up the ladder and slipped gratefully into the remaining seat.

“Never,” she screamed, “never am I following you on a daft plan again.”

Leaning down I retrieved the stone from stowage. It glowed and sizzled with energy. “Daft?” I said grinning at the prize. “It worked.”

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