Author Jenna Eatough's Flash Fiction Story from writing prompt: People said she was just a librarian

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Gathar stumbled to a stop within the doors of the citadel’s central chamber. He blinked at Lysabel sitting on a bench in the center of the room, a scarf wrapped about her face.

He’d been certain he’d arrive too late. When the Relwhen mercenaries had spirited her out of the palace a fortnight before, Gathar had been unable to catch up.

They’d raced before him into the Caradon citadel. That hive of wizards and savants made clear the hiring of the Relwhen. As well as taking As well as taking Lysabel, head librarian of his liege. Obviously, she’d held some nugget of knowledge they needed.

Informaiton his liege needed kept from them. Gathar had charged ahead even as the sorceress Karia bellowed for him to wait. Sorceresses, so timid. Even those sworn to his liege.

Instead of her in mortal peril, she sat calmly with the Relwhen host, wizards, and savants all unconscious about her.

Karia sniffed the air. “Poppies.”

“Flowers?” Gathar rumbled? Lysabel looked up when he spoke. Straightening Gathar ignored Karia’s confusing ways. “I’m here rescue you.”

“Excellent.” Lysabel snapped closed the books she held, a sound louder than her voice. “Gather up those for me please.” She pointed at books piled beside the bench, and strode past without waiting for Gathar’s response.

Karia smirked at him, and Gathar shrugged. “People said she was just a librarian.”

Karia patted his shoulder. “There’s nothing just about that profession. You’d best bring along those books.” Laughing, she turned away.

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